Youth Soccer Instructional Videos


Youth soccer instructional videos can be a great training tool not only for players who are looking to improve their skills, but also for parents and coaches who are trying to increase their knowledge of the sport so they can relay the information to their players and children. There are 3 distinct types of youth soccer instructional videos:

1- Educational Videos
2- Highlight Videos
3- Match Videos

Educational videos help teach the players, parents, and coaches skills and techniques. They will usually take place on an empty field with only a coach and a few players. These types of videos will be very valuable for young players. They will repetitively and slowly go through the exact motions necessary to teach all the drills whether it be for passing, dribbling, shooting, trapping, turning, etc… Players, parents, and coaches can watch these videos and mimic the movements they see to learn the various techniques. They are very beneficial to people who are new to the game of soccer full match replay.

Highlight videos are mainly used for inspiration and entertainment. These videos just show short clips of the best professional players in the world scoring ridiculous goals, doing unbelievable moves, and just displaying individual feats of brilliance. These are not so much a training tool, but they can inspire players to want to train very hard so one day they will have the ability to create their own highlights. They are also very entertaining to the eye so players, parents, and coaches who watch them will definitely create more of a love for the sport and realize the creativity and imagination that goes into a world class soccer player.

Match videos can be used as a training tool or simply for entertainment depending on how you watch them. A match video is a replay of a full game that has been played. To use them as a training tool, pick out a player that either plays your position or has a similar style that suits your game. Only watch this player for the entire 90 minutes of the match. The key things to look for are their movement off the ball, the way they defend off the ball, and the decisions they make based on what part of the field they’re in. There’s a reason that this player is playing at such a high level, study him/her and try to pick out small details you can add to your own game. If you want to watch the game for entertainment simply follow the ball around the field!

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